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                                      BAG COLLECTION PROCEDURE

To enable Kelshall Plastics to keep the cost of collectiong farm waste to a minimum it is important that our customers follow our bag procedure below.

1: Spray cans: to be triple rinsed, drained & placed in a liner.
2: Fertilizer/Seed bags: placed in used fertilizer/seed bags.
3: Cardboard: flatpacked & stacked then tie with string or place in 500 litre bag.
4: Tops: to be placed in 25 litre bags.
5: Leave enough neck on bags to tie the top.
6: Silage wrap: to be cleaned before placing in bags.
7: Tie the top of liners/bags when full.
8: Leave waste so it is easily accessible & stored under cover.
9: Please let us know the amount you have to collect.
10: We cannot take polystyrene.

All Waste Must Be Clean, Dry & Free Of Contamination


1000 litre woven bags (bunded)
for chemical containers, triple 
rinsed & drained

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